I would like to relate a story of depression with a happy ending.


Once upon a time there was a young girl called Allison. She was able to tell those around her how she felt. She was open about her depression and how it felt for her. Because of this openness, she was able to get help and to manage her depression and therefore to live a happier life.


In reality, depression is often an embarrassing secret with a stigma attached to it.


The depressed person just does not feel well. They often have little energy; difficulties with eating and sleeping, irritability, anxiety and also negativity towards themselves, their world and their future. These symptoms most often affect their relationships in a negative way.


So in view of the above, I recommend that the depressed person:


Go to their General Practitioner to have blood tests to establish whether their symptoms could be due to other factors such as low iron, thyroid, Vit B or D, testosterone or other tests deemed necessary by their doctor and/or whether their blood pressure is particularly low. All of these factors could mirror the symptoms of depression.


Recognises their  own signs and symptoms of depression such as mentioned above.


Try for 2 weeks to do regular exercise for 20 to 30 minutes for 3 to 5 days a week.


Consider consulting with a psychologist or a social worker to manage their depression.


Should the symptoms of depression not be well managed after taking the above measures for between 2 weeks and a month then it may be necessary to consider taking either a natural tranquilliser, and mood elevating substance; Biral for anxiety and Elevate for mood elevation comes to mind. Should these not help after a week or two, consider taking an anti-depressant over the long-term to treat and manage depression


On the positive side, the person will have started to talk to someone about how they feel. That in itself will be likely to make them feel lighter and not so alone. It is also probable that this will move the person from feeling sad, depressed and isolated to feeling more in control of their lives.


So I can hear you object to the above recommendations:


“ I am too tired to exercise”


Do not wait to feel more enery to be able to exercise. Start slowly and don’t exhaust yourself; that would just set you back to feeling more depressed.


“I want to feel better but no one will listen to how bad I feel”


Start by writing your story and once it is all out there on paper in front of you, change the negative statements to positive ones.


To conclude and summarise, I would like to look at the word SECRET.


S – Tell your STORY to a friend, a psychologist, a social worker and/or your doctor.

E –  EDUCATE yourself about depression; Read about depression and learn from others.

C – Use your CREATIVITY by painting, singing, and/or writing your story etcetera.

R – RESPECT yourself and the choices you are now making in your life.

E – EMPOWER yourself through these choices and through your own positive behaviour.

T – TRANSLATE the sad story of depression into a journey where you feel more in charge of

Your life to cope better with life’s joys and pain.

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