Healing Acts of Kindness

My clients are a group of special people, many of whom have been checking in on me to find out how I am doing. This, in the midst of their own challenges.


It’s as if there is a supportive system of connectedness in the world where the best kind of energy and strength is being shared, and where we are learning the ropes from each other as we walk this unpredictable and often scary journey together.


There are wonderful people who are discovering that through sharing their time, talents and resources they feel more proactive, purposeful and less anxious.


For some, it is the small things like leaving dry food on top of bins for the weekly collectors of garbage and thinking about the ordinary person who is trying to do their work in the face of the danger of catching the virus. By wearing a mask to avoid others’ getting sick, and staying home so as not to risk getting sick and overcrowding the health systems, we can all impact many lives.


The kindness of the very wealthy celebrities, like sportsmen and women who are bringing joy, fun, food and money to those less fortunate. These icons are to be respected for being willing to get their hands dirty and to place their feet firmly on this shaky ground.


Then there are those whose sense of community leads them onto the rooftops of apartment buildings to play music or make communal noise to thank the heroes who are putting their lives on the line in the work they are doing.


Whether it is a spiritual belief, a trust in the force of nature or following an organised religion or a gut instinctive feeling, I am comforted by the knowledge that we are not alone. We have support from other people on earth and from the greater universal energy, however that may be defined and described by each individual person.


One of the skills that I learned and adapted over the past many years is deep muscle relaxation with creative visualisation and music. It is a tool that I have successfully shared in workshops with colleagues, the business community and in my private practice. I have used this, in general, to lower anxiety levels and in particular for pain relief, improved sleep and much more. I would like to offer this deep muscle relaxation to anyone who would like to use it. Should you wish to try this and add it to your toolkit, please send me an email to susan@musikanth.com  with DEEP MUSCLE RELAXATION in the subject line and I shall send it to you via WeTransfer. There will be no cost to you.


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