Pandemic Matters

This is a time of great trauma in our lives, in our country and in the world. As we struggle to feel hope, resilience and positivity in the face of the unique challenges of this pandemic, I am grateful to be able to offer online consulting


My clients and I are exploring the current narratives of their lives in lockdown and isolation; from the shifts in their relationships and work routines to their recent losses of financial security, physical contact, and others.


My aim as a psychologist working through this pandemic is to help my clients process the impact that Coronavirus is having on their lives. Together, we explore their emotional responses to the drastic and sudden changes they are being forced to make and try to alleviate some of their stress, pain, fear and uncertainty.


Now, more than ever I encourage my clients to reach out to others and to offer themselves and their relationships the self-care and couple-care that is very possibly being overlooked in this highly stressful time.


Although this is a time of physical distancing, I want to emphasise that no one needs to feel alone. In a crisis, such as this pandemic, there is frequently a state of panic, with more people experiencing heightened anxiety and depression, but with time and increased resilience, society adjusts, both physically and emotionally, and a new state of normalcy emerges.


Deep muscle relaxation with creative visualisation and music is a skill that I learned and adapted over the past many years primarily to lower anxiety levels, promote pain relief and improve sleep. It is a tool that I have successfully shared in workshops with colleagues, the business community and in my private practice.


Should you wish to try this practice yourself, or add it to your toolkit, please send an email to with DEEP MUSCLE RELAXATION in the subject line and I shall send it to you via WeTransfer. There will be no cost to you.

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How can I help at this time as a Counselling Psychologist?

In response to this global trauma I continue to help clients process the rich tapestry of their emotions in a collaborative, online space.

Exploring Emotional Responses

While some of my clients are enjoying the slower pace, stillness and sounds of nature, others ache from the pain of isolation and uncertainty. We are learning about ourselves in ways we could never have imagined.

Healing Acts of Kindness

There are wonderful people who are discovering that through sharing their time, talents and resources they feel more proactive, purposeful and less anxious


I am thankful that at a time when the focus and attention of myself as a psychologist is essential, I can continue to support previously established face-to-face therapeutic relationships as well as first-time clients, online.


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